Q: When & where are meetings held?

A: Typically the first Tuesday of every month starting at 5:30 pm.  The next meeting date will always be posted on the Home page.

CBIG meets at the local Microsoft Campus near 77 and Arrowood.  

Typical meeting location: We *usually* meet in the building on the left (2nd door, farthest from the entrance).  The address is 8055 Microsoft Way, Charlotte, NC 28273.

However, sometimes we do meet at a different location (such as the SentryOne office). Each meeting invitation notes the actual location for that particular meeting. 

Q: Do I need to RSVP for meetings?

A: Yes please! An accurate count is helpful so we don't buy too little or too much food.  You can find a link to RSVP for the next meeting on the Home page.

Need to check your RSVP status?  Go to EventBrite and choose "My Tickets" at the top of the page.  Meetings you have registered for will be shown.

Need to cancel?  If you cannot attend after you have RSVP'd, we would appreciate it if you could cancel your reservation in case there is a wait list.  Go to EventBrite  and choose "My Tickets" at the top of the page.  Click View Order next to the correct event, then the Cancel Order button.

Q:  I'd like to get started presenting.  Can I present at CBIG?

A:  Absolutely! We want to encourage local & new presenters, so if you want to get your feet wet with a short presentation just let us know.  Sharing a problem you recently solved at work is always a great place to start.  If you're ready to take a SQLShot, please email us at Charlotte BI Group at Outlook.com so we can add you to the schedule.  We need to know the title of your topic, a brief description, and a short bio for you.

Q: What kinds of topics are discussed at CBIG meetings?

A: The field of business intelligence is really broad.  What you won't get is a bunch of marketing hype.  Generally presentations will be technical.  The types of topics we typically discuss includes:

  • Data modeling & data warehousing

  • ETL (Extract>Transform>Load), data integration, data virtualization

  • Multidimensional & tabular models

  • Self-service business intelligence

  • Data quality & data cleansing

  • Master data management

  • Reporting & data visualization

  • Analytics and data science

  • Big data and hadoop

Q: Is there a cost to join?

A: Nope.

Q: I'm not a BI expert.  Will I find the group useful?

A: We will have presentations at all levels over the course of the year.  And, we're always interested to hear about what you'd find helpful to learn.  To suggest a topic, please email us at Charlotte BI Group at Outlook.com.


CBIG meets at the Microsoft Campus in Charlotte. The address is 8055 Microsoft Way, Charlotte, NC 28273.